How Do I Pay by PayPal?


1.      Go to


2.      If not registered with PayPal, please select the “Sign Up for Free Paypal Account”


3.      If registered – log in to your account, and select the “Send Money” option


4.      Fill out the short form by entering our email address as the payee –  Fill in total amount to be sent to us, including shipping and 6% PA Sales Tax (if you’re a resident of Pennsylvania).  Choose the payment type  (“Goods - Auction”, “Goods - Non-Auction”, “Service” , etc.).  Any pertinent information not covered by this form please enter in the “Note” section.  Select “Continue” button at the bottom of the form


5.      Verify all information on the next page – and submit for payment. An email will be sent to us informing us of the transaction. We can now ship the order.


6. Any questions – contact us at!


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